About Us

Tangolf has emerged to meet the needs of companies on quality management by helping them become more competitive.

Consulting and training company dedicated to an innovative approach, Tangolf Inc. was structured in the twenty-first century. Its founders, who have been continuously developed it, have all gained practical experience through various career paths in the field, fed with pioneers in continuous improvement.

Global competition requires more than mere concern for corporate image, especially in a changing marketplace. With management based on reducing delays, we help our clients overcome the barriers that prevent them from improving their potential and, thereby, from realizing new competitive advantages and from methodically increasing their turnover and their profits.

Tangolf Inc. can help you achieve these goals.

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Why Tangolf

The business strategy proposed by the Tangolf Inc. team is to eliminate all forms of wasteful method of traditional strategic planning. A strategic process will be created. As it is action-oriented, it will generate strong ideas, structures for implementation and impact in terms of profits, all in record time.

Our Kaizen tool that lasts five days is one of the main instruments of Tangolf for improving. The teams are empowered to make immediate changes. At the end of the week, each team has achieved dramatic operational improvements; for example:
     • Manufacturing lead time: reduced from days to hours 
     • Stocks: reduction of at least 90% 
     • Defective / errors: decrease of at least 50% 
     • Productivity: increase of at least 25 to 50% 
     • Floor area: reduction from 25 to 50%

Such figures can transform your business and thanks to the commitment of management, you can improve from year to year.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies transform and improve their performance by changing their current habit in order to increase and sustain their business objectives and profits by implementing best practices of performance management and Lean Methodology Six Sigma.


Our Values

  • Treat customers as we would like to be treated: Ensure unqualified customer satisfaction 
  • Systematically review requests with professionalism and courtesy in order to satisfy the customer.
  • Precision and valuation: Pay more interest to our clients to increase their own value.  
  • Reject any mission where, obviously, we will not be able to take on.
  • Refuse to continue a mission if the value is not conclusive.  
  • Focus on the most urgent problems.
  • Integrity: To ensure that social and financial responsibilities, and respect for the individual are never questioned.
  • Respect: Give all our people the respect they deserve and offer them opportunities for growth and achievement in a context of high performance and a pleasant atmosphere.

Speed / Efficiency: The speed and action are our uncontested priorities. When we arrive on your site, we strive to immediately implement the changes. We believe it is the creativity that generates the most convincing solutions, without having to allocate additional capital.


Our Business Partners