Business Processes Improvement

Business Process Improvement is to better serve your customers; it is based on substantial improvements on the additional earnings that nobody noticed. For example, in one week with a Kaizen team in a client from the bank industry, Tangolf Inc. reduced by: 70% the number of steps needed to implement a type of account, 75% the number of paperwork and 79% the number of delays to customers. Consequently, the time to initiate a prospective customer has been reduced from 90 to 49 days schedule. Reduce installation time of new customer for almost 50% has brought additional revenues of $ 3.1 million per year. And this was just the beginning.... 

The word Kaizen is the merger of two Japanese words "Kai" and "Zen" which respectively mean "change" and "Good". The current English translation is "continuous improvement". In fact, by extension, it will mean "analysis to make it better." It is a gentle and gradual approach particularly used by Toyota for several years.

Kaizen is a set of simple improvements that involve all actors in a specific accurate cycle and employ mostly common sense. The Japanese approach is based on constant improvements made on a daily basis, and on changes and new ways to make the ultimate aim of improving productivity and efficiency.

Instead of a project that extends over months, 5 days are sufficient to completely refurbish a factory, workshop or a warehouse. For a government organization or service, the 5 days will be used to map the current process, develop new processes, to make a detailed analysis, develop new work instructions, prepare the site plan (project management) and make a communication plan; the challenge will be monitoring implementation.

Kaizen is based on five key elements:

  1. Quality
  2. Effort
  3. The involvement of all employees
  4. The desire to change
  5. Communication

Kaizen Workshop is a pragmatic improvement seminar within your business; it’s focussed on a process or a specific problem. The Kaizen teams, led by a Tangolf Inc. consultant involve your employees from different departments and hierarchical levels in the process of improving. This diversity helps stimulate creativity and to remain objective.