Our Clients

Tangolf has collaborated with large companies and helped them achieve increased performance and outstanding operational efficiency, sustained growth, revenues and profits while creating shareholder value. 


Couple of projects undertaken in recent years: 


     - The relocation U machinery workshop to move from a 5 machines / 3 system operators to 5 machines / 2 operators. 

     - Repackaging during machining of components supplied in packs of 2 000, new 4 000 boxes of reducing the frequency of downtime for reloading. 

     - Adding a table on a folding guide sheet to fold two sheets with each pass, against a single cause. 

     - Improvement Gain productivity of the installation technicians of $ 750,000 over a period of one year. 

     - Gains in productivity and capacity in planning and workload in a broadcasting company of $ 500,000. 

     - Streamlining and standardizing the management of tools and materials in a warehouse with gains of $ 350,000. 

     - Solving technical problems in the first call through a call center technology with annual earnings of $ 900,000 recurrent.

Some results:

o Uncommonly high customer satisfaction levels in excess of 95%

o Superior customer retention rates

o Service lead times that are 75% to 50% less than the industry average

o Annual productivity increases of 15% or more

o Product introduction rates 2X to 3X more frequent than the competition.

o Sales growth 3X to 5X higher than the industry average