Value creation

Driving Value Creation through Operational Excellence

Improving business performance – and translating it into sales and earnings growth by increasing customer satisfaction – is Tangolf Inc’s total client focus.

Our heritage in Lean manufacturing and fundamentals learned from Toyota Production System pioneers has evolved into a comprehensive business performance system that helps clients remove obstacles to their business potential-and achieve new competitive advantages and consistent sales and earnings growth.
Our consultants are working side-by-side with management teams to grow their bottom line, optimize total working capital, and install a management process for driving and sustaining results. Our clients are winning by leveraging their operational excellence to survive the recession and position their companies for growth over the next three years.

As part of our commitment for creating value, we unconditionally guarantee our work.
Tangolf Inc Consulting Group, supports organizations with Lean and Six Sigma Transformations within financial services, government, healthcare, retail, technology, and other service sectors. Tangolf helps these organizations quickly realize and sustain breakthrough execution and operational performance by designing our service to clients needs.
The Tangolf consulting team is ready to work with your organization to help you achieve focused strategic direction, organizational alignment and rapid deployment. With a proven execution model that is adaptable and scalable to your precise needs, as well as harnessing today’s most powerful improvement tools, Tangolf will consistently meet or exceed the objectives of your business initiatives.

Learning to See in the Dark

As much as the capital-intensive production processes may differ from the discrete manufacturing world, there is much that continuous process operations can learn from the practices pioneered by Toyota. In fact, the Lean Sigma methodology and tools can be even more valuable because they reveal problems and sources of waste—sometimes repeated hundreds of time per minute—that are normally hidden from sight. 
By definition continuous process manufacturers convert raw materials at one end of a capital-intensive machine, or series of machines, into a final product at the other end. Fixed costs are high and variable, raw-material costs can be subject to wild market fluctuations driven by factors outside of your control.

TANGOLF has helped continuous process manufacturers achieve double-digit improvements in capacity utilization, process yield and equipment reliability.

TANGOLF can help your continuous process plants adopt our unique combination of Lean and Six Sigma time-based management techniques and personnel development, which we bring together as Lean Sigma. Our clients turn to our experienced advisors to work with their managers to:

  • Reduce variation and improve yields
  • Increase raw material utilization
  • Reduce wasteful energy consumption
  • Speed changeover and cut downtime
  • Boost equipment productivity
  • Reduce stops and slowdowns
  • Improve process capability
  • Eliminate wasteful reprocessing
  • Avoid capital expansion.